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Meaning (Gifford Lectures) 1947
  • Reg 33:4
  • 12 pp. in the file. May be more at the Reg.
  • Realms of meaning (naive realm)
1. Organic level (wisdom of the body)
2. Level of inarticulate meaning
3. Articulate level (communication)
4. Formal level
5. Philosophic level.
  • Operations of meaning
1. Vital functions (bodily domain)
-- mental domain --
2. Tacit intelligence
3. Conceptual thought with use of symbols
4. Calculus
"Intelligent functions thus tend to transcend the individuation, mortality and congenital determinateness of selves by created a realm of ideas."
"Meaning" 26 May 1970
  • "various stages of MS from Regenstein"
  • 6 copies, variously marked up.
  • 41:1 "Meaning." Draft of a lecture, May 26, 1970. End of the draft: "Must the transnatural be surpassed by the supernatural? Must there be a recognition of supernatural powers exercised by God in a way that it would make sense to ask God for help in the expectation that he might avert the course of some event which menaces us? I am inclined to doubt it" (20). In draft marked for delivery: "I don't know, but I doubt it."
  • 41:2 Another three copies with first sentence: "I am inclined to doubt it."
Chicago Lectures MP 1970
  • "Kinds of Self-Centered Integration." copy. 19 pp with markup and insertions by Polanyi for delivery.
Monika: "Polanyi MS on 'Meaning'"
  • "Meaning: A project by Michael Polanyi"
Monika: 1970?
28 pp. First page retyped.
Monika: "Look at book Meaning: pp. 70, 71, 72. She has a number of insertions written in pencil on the copy. They may represent the differences between this text and the portions that were included in Meaning.
Chapter 1: From Perception to Metaphor. "The last two lectures ... will deal with Meaning Lost and Meaning Regained."
  • "Works of Art"
Lecture notes, Chicago, May 21, 1969. 8 pp. Drawings used in Meaning.
  • Chapter 2: Works of Art.
34 pp. Copy.
  • "Acceptance of Religion." Soc Th 443, Michael Polanyi, Supplement #4.
Monika: Chic. 1969
13 pp. copy.
  • "Some of the Materials Used in the Six Seminars Held by Michael Polanyi for the Committee on Social Thought"
Spring, 1969, under the Sara H. Schaffner Lectureship.
3 pp. copy.
p. 1
"From Perception to Metaphor"
"Works of Art"
"Visionary Art"
"Myths, Ancient and Modern"
Supplement to "From Perception to Metaphor" (Monika: for Lecs 1+2)
"Three Stages of Creative Work" (Monika: supplement #2)
"Notes on the Destruction of Meaning" (Monika: "= supplement #3)
"Acceptance of Religion" (Monika: "suppl #4)
Sequence of Seminar Topics -- Polanyi
  • Meaning
1) "Sense-Giving and Sense-Reading" (Monika? "to be found in Knowing and Being")
2) "From Perception to Metaphor"
3) "Works of Art
4) "Visionary Art"
5) "Myths, Archaic and Modern"
6) "Tacit Logic"
The second list on this page was produced by a different typewriter--looks to me like Polanyi's.
1) "From Perception to Metaphor" 1-28
2) "Works of Art 1-34
3) "Visionary Art" 1-31
4) "Myths, Ancient and Modern" 1-23
5) "Destruction of Meaning" 1-17 (Monika: "suppl 3")
6) "Acceptance of Religion" 1-13 (Monika: "suppl 4")
Monika? "146 pages"
p. 3
The Committee on Social Thought announces a series of seminars by Michael Polanyi of Oxford, Sara H. Schaffner Lecturer: "Meaning, Lost and Regained"
April 3 "Sense Giving and Sense Reading (MP? 'of Language')"
10 "From Perception to Metaphor"
17 "Works of Art"
24 "Visionary Art"
May 1 "Myths, Archaic and Modern"
8 "Tacit Logic"
4:00-6:00 P.M., SE 302, 1126 East 59th Street
Students wishing to register for the seminars may do so (Soc Th 448)
"Notes on the Destruction of Meaning Supplemn 3"
"Acceptance of Religion" Supplement 4
  • "Social Thought 443 -- M. Polanyi"
The seminar will meet permanently in Kent 107 from 4-6 P.M., Thurs.
"Additional Materials for Lectures 1 and 2.
6 pp. plus an unidentified copy of a page from a book.
drawings that turn up in Meaning
  • Social Thought 443 -- M. Polanyi (MP? "for No 2)
"Supplement #2"
10 pp. copy.
Handwritten notes on last page--looks like a note that has been copied on top of the last page.
1) Born telling me about "quantum mechanics": "a younger man will be needed"
2) "No, that is much too complicated."
3) Haber and Einstein attack on theory of adsorption
4) my failure to accept my own results refuting Langmuir
5) Tod and Robinson far away from ["truth"?]
  • Social Thought 443 -- M. Polanyi
"Supplement #3"
"Notes on the Destruction of Meaning"
17 pp. copy. Handwritten on what was copied: "Draft--Private"
  • Lecture 4. "Myths, Ancient and Modern"
25 pp. copy; 23 numbered pages. Handwritten on what was copied: "Draft--Private"
p. 24: Annexe to Lecture 2. "Some Publications on the Integration of Vision and Touch."
Six articles listed by Walk, Xottenhoff, Kohler, Held, Bower, and Rock and Harris.
p. 25: copy of first page of "Vibration Tests of a Nine-Story Steel Frame Building," Nielsen, Journal of the Engineering Mechanics Division, Feb. 1966.
  • By Michael Polanyi. Handwritten on preceding copy: "Private--Draft"
"Chapter 3. Visionary Art"
31 pages. copy.