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An Introduction to Convivium

Convivium: The United Kingdom Review of Post-Critical Thought was the publication of the UK-centered group--also named "Convivium"--interested in the thought of Michael Polanyi . Convivium was the counterpart to the North American scholarly group that eventually became the Polanyi Society. Both the United Kingdom and the North American Polanyi groups formed and began sponsoring meetings and publishing newsletters and eventually mini-journals in the seventies. These groups cooperated and frequently exchanged reviews, short articles and notices included in their publications. Early publications preserved in the Tradition and Discovery archives often identify some material as published previously in Convivium and the same is true of Convivium issues. However not all of the interesting Convivium material commenting on Polanyi's thought was republished. There were 25 issues of Convivium published between 1975 and 1987. Retirements and other complications eventually led to the demise of Convivium as an independent publication. Former Convivium subscribers often thereafter subscribed to and submitted material for publication in what became Tradition and Discovery. In 1994-95, the UK Polanyi goup officially merged with the Polanyi Society and all those on the Convivium mailing list were added to the Polanyi Society mailing list.

Below are links to Convivium issues identified by number and date of publication. Early issues are quite brief but later issues are approximately 25 pages long. All issues were produced on a typewriter and then duplicated so the quality of these digitized copies is not always good. Some copies here have underlining and other marks in pen. Copies of Convivium 5 and 10 are missing from this collection. If you have information about these missing issues or questions about Convivium contact Phil Mullins (

Thanks to Kristina Schulz, Assistant University Archivist, University of Dayton Library, and Maben W. Poirer for helping locate issues of Convivium.

Convivium Issues

Download Convivium 1, Summer 1975

Download Convivium 2, Winter 1975-76

Download Convivium 3, Summer 1976

Download Convivium 4, Summer 1977

Convivium 5

Download Convivium 6, Summer 1978

Download Convivium 7, Spring 1979

Download Convivium 8, Summer 1979

Download Convivium 9, Winter 1979-80

Convivium 10

Download Convivium 11, October 1980

Download Convivium 12, March 1981

Download Convivium 13, October 1981

Download Convivium 14, March 1982

Download Convivium 15, October 1982

Download Convivium 16, March 1983

Download Convivium 17, October 1983

Download Convivium 18, March 1984

Download Convivium 19, October 1984

Download Convivium 20, March 1985

Download Convivium 21, October 1985

Download Convivium 22, March 1986

Download Convivium 23, October 1986

Download Convivium 24, March 1987

Download Convivium 25, October 1987

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