Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Journal

Volume XLVIII             Number 2             July 2022


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News and Notes


Download pages 4-21:

The Personal As Postcritical And Theopoetic: Exploring Religion And Poetry In Polanyi's Tacit Dimension
Mel Keiser

Download pages 22-35:

The Development of Pedagogical Competence in Tacit Knowing: Towards a Polanyian Framework for the Empirical Analysis of Competence Development
Clemens Wieser

Download pages 36-45:

My Lengthy Involvement with Polanyi's Thought: An Interview with Walter Gulick
Phil Mullins and Walter Gulick


Download pages 46-49:

Kristina Höök. Designing with the Body: Somaesthetic Interaction Design
Sheldon Richmond

Download pages 50-51:

Filip Jaroŝ and Jiří Klouda, eds. Adolf Portmann: A Thinker of Self-Expressive Life
Phil Mullins

Download pages 52-55:

Jon Lieff. The Secret Language of Cells: What Biological Conversations Tell Us About the Brain-Body Connection, the Future of Medicine, and Life Itself
Richard W. Moodey


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