Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Journal

Volume XLVI             Number 3             October 2020


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Download pages 4-27:

Polanyi and the Study Group for the Unity of Knowledge
Gus Breytspraak and Phil Mullins

Book Reviews

Download pages 28-31:

Jonathan Matheson, The Epistemic Significance of Disagreement
Jonathan Reibsamen

Download pages 31-37:

Lee Trepanier and Eugene Callahan, eds. Tradition v. Rationalism: Voegelin, Oakeshott, Hayek, and Others
Chris Goodman

Download pages 37-41:

Matthew Bagger, ed., Pragmatism and Naturalism: Scientific and Social Inquiry After Representationalism
Kyle Takaki

Download pages 41-42:

Philip Rolnick, Origins: God, Evolution, and the Question of the Cosmos
John Apczynski

Download pages 42-47:

Geoffrey M. Hodgson, Is Socialism Feasible? Towards an Alternative Future
Jon Fennell


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