Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Journal

Volume XLII             Number 4             2015-2016

(Completes Vol XLI)

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Letter To The Editor

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Guest Editorís Introduction
Robert P. Hyatt

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Poteat and Psychoanalyis
Robert P. Hyatt

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Madness as Metaphor: Therapeutic Implications of Post-Critical Thought
Allen R. Dyer

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Health Care Ethics Consultation: Personal Knowledge and Apprenticeship
Ellen Bernal

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Writing into the Post-Critical: The Mindings Collage
Sam D. Watson

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Poteat and the Challenge of Identifying Persons
Richard C. Prust

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Reflections of a White Ghetto Preacher on theLife and Teachings of Dr. William H. Poteat
Sam Mann

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Critical Recollection: Poteatís Polanyian Exercises
Ronald L. Hall


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Matthew B. Crawford, The World Beyond Your Head
Reviewed by Walter Gulick


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