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Joining the editorial team

Editing privileges on this wiki are given by invitation only.

If you would like to act as a contributor, please contact us to gain the right to create and edit pages.

Providing reliable information

The purpose of this wiki is to provide a springboard for understanding the life and works of Michael Polanyi.

Our first focus is on the facts about Polanyi's life and the historical context within which he worked.

The second concentration is on Polanyi's own articulation of how he understood himself, his culture, and his relationships with coworkers, friends, and family. We ask Polanyians to share the fruits of their research along these lines so that others may build on the results of their investigations.

Our third concern is to point toward secondary sources that interpret or use Polanyi's thought. In identifying various conflicting views of Polanyi, we do not wish to take a position on them, but simply to provide those who wish to know more about Polanyian studies an orientation toward some of the discussions that have taken place about the meaning and value of Polanyi's contributions to modern thought.

Corrections, comments, suggestions welcome

We would love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you see a way to improve or expand the wiki.

The editorial team will immediately correct any errors in names, dates, places, publications, and quotations if readers can show us a more reliable source. If there are disagreements in the sources, we will note them. We aim to be objective in the development of wiki.

Introductions to Polanyi's thought that suggest further reading in secondary sources will grow over time, but we reserve the right to keep such lists short and to the point. We will strive to inform our readers of others' research interests and publications in general annotated bibliographies, but the wiki is meant to be a starting-point, not an exhaustive record of all Polanyian scholarship.

We hope to supplement and take advantage of the research that has been published in Tradition and Discovery, the Polanyi Society periodical, not compete with it.

If you see the need for a new page or a new category, it would be most helpful if you would provide a draft in text form for the new material, with or without wiki markup tags and tokens. Sharing your thoughts is what matters the most; formatting your contributions for the wiki is secondary.

A plea for patience

As with mothers, a wiki's work is never done.

Everything on the wiki is fluid.

Things change over the course of time.

We will learn by doing.

We have to start small and grow, one page at a time.

We very much appreciate your interest in Polanyi, and hope that this wiki will grow into a useful tool for your understanding of Polanyi and Polanyians.