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Book Review Authors

Below is an alphabetic list of authors who have written reviews of books for Tradition and Discovery. Also included are authors of a few reviews of software and relevant articles in other journals as well as short responses by book authors to reviews of their work. Authors of longer review articles on books (often followed by a longer response article from the book's author) are listed with other regular TAD articles in the index of articles by author. Also omitted from the list that follows are authors of reviews which appeared in newsletters and mini-journal editions of TAD before 12:1 (1984-85).

Agler, David W. Perspectives on Pragmatism: Classical, Recent, and Contemporary by Robert B. Brandom. 38:3 (2011-12): 69-71.
Agler, David W. The Structure of Thinking: A Process-Oriented Account of Mind by Laura E. Weed. 38:1 (2011-12): 66-69.
Allen, Richard T. Practical Knowledge: Outlines of a Theory of Tradition and Skills by J.C. Nyiri and B. Smith (eds.).17: 1 &2 (1990-91): 46-47.
Allen, Richard T. What Is It To Be Human? by David Holbrook. 18:1 (1991-92): 39-40.
Allerbeck, Klaus R. Könnerschaft und implizites Wissen. Zur lehr-lerntheoretischen Bedeutung der Erkenntnis- und Wissenstheorie Michael Polanyis by Georg Hans Neuweg. 26:2 (1999-2000): 32.
Anderson, Trevor. Up with Authority by Victor Lee Austin. 39:2 (2012-13): 65-67.
Apczynski, John V. Analogical Possibilities: How Words Refer to God by Philip Rolnick. 22:1 (1995-96): 34-36.
Apczynski, John V. Knowing And Being: Perspectives On The Philosophy of Michael Polanyi by Tihamér Margitay (ed.). 37:1 (2010-2011): 55-59.
Apczynski, John V. Origins: God, Evolution, and the Question of the Cosmos by Philip Rolnick. 46:3 (2020): 41-42.
Apczynski, John V. and Michael Chiariello. Science And Society by Joseph Agassi. 13:1 (1985-86): 4-19.
Atnip, Lindsay.The Limits of Critique by Rita Felski. 45:1 (2019): 62-64.
Bagchi, David. Circles of God: Theology and Science From the Greeks to Copernicus by Harold Nebelsick 14:1 (1986-87): 36-38.
Bagchi, David V.N. Playing and Exploring Through the Discovery of Order by Robin A. Hodgkin. 15:2 (1987-89): 36-38.
Baumgarten, Barbara. Aesthetic Criteria: Gombrich and Philosophies of Science of Popper and Polanyi by Sheldon Richmond. 22:2 (1995-96): 38.
Baumgarten, Barbara. God and the Creative Imagination: Metaphor, Symbol and Myth in Religion and Theology by Paul Avis. 31:3 (2004-05): 45-46.
Blum, Peter. A Joyfully Serious Man: The Life of Robert Bellah by Matteo Bortolini. 49:2 (2023): 37-38.
Breytspraak, Gus. Karl Polanyi: The Limits of the Market by Gareth Dale. 47:1 (2021): 23-27.
Broudy, H.S. Beyond Empiricism: Michael Polanyi Reconsidered by Jeffrey Kane. 12:2 (1984-85): 22-28.
Cannon, Dale To Flourish or Destruct: A Personalist Theory of Human Goods and Motivation by Christian Smith. 43:3 (2017): 54-59.
Case, Spencer Jay. Dark Matter of the Mind: the Culturally Articulated Unconsciousby Daniel L. Everett. 45:2 (2019): 55-58.
Case, Spencer Jay. Speech and Morality: on the Metaethical Implications of Speaking by Terrence Cuneo. 42:1 (2015-16): 59-62.
Crewdson, Joan. Seeing Man Whole: A New Model for Psychology by Edward Moss. 17:1&2 (1990-91): 51-54.
Crewdson, Joan. Transcendent and Immanence in the Philosophy of Michael Polanyi and Christian Theism by Richard Allen. 21:2 (1994-95): 30-32.
Crosby, Donald A. Incomplete Nature: How Mind Emerged from Matter by Terrence W. Deacon. 38:3 (2011-12): 74-75.
Doede, Robert. Apocalyptic AI: Visions of Heaven in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality by Robert M. Geraci. 38:2 (2011-12):96-99.
Doede, Robert. The Philosophy of Marjorie Grene by Randall E. Auxier and Lewis Edwin Hahn (eds.). 31:1 (2004-05): 46-48.
Doede, Robert. What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly. 37:3 (2010-11): 71-74.
Fennell, Jon. Is Socialism Feasible? Towards an Alternative Future by Geoffrey M. Hodgson. 46:3 (2020) 42-47.
Flett, John. Christian Thinking and Social Order: Conviction Politics from the 1930s to the Present Day by Marjorie Reeves (ed.). 25:3 (1998-99): 32-33.
Gelwick, Richard. Exploring Scriptural Sources by Aaron Milavec. 21:3 (1994-95): 32.
Gelwick, Richard. The Polkinghorne Reader: Science, Faith and the Search for Meaning by Thomas Jay Oord (ed.).38: 3 (2011-12): 76-78.
Gelwick, Richard. Practicing Science, Living Faith: Interviews With Twelve Leading Scientists by Philip Clayton and Jim Schaal (eds.). 36: 1 (2009-2010): 70-72.
Goodenough, Ursula. Darwinian Natural Right: The Biological Ethics of Human Nature by Larry Arnhart. 28:3 (2001-2002): 41-42.
Goodman, C.P. The Emergence of Everything: How the World Became Complex by Harold J. Morowitz. 30:1 (2003-2004): 39-41.
Goodman, C.P. From Complexity to Life: On the Emergence of Life and Meaning by Harold J. Niels Henrik and Gregersen (eds.). 30:1 (2003-2004): 38-39.
Goodman, C. P. Mind & Emergence: From Quantum to Consciousness by Philip Clayton. 31:3 (2004-05): 46-47.
Goodman, C. P. "The Philosophical Michael Oakeshott,"Journal of the History of Ideas 55:1. by Harwell Wells. 21:3 (1994-95): 34.
Goodman, C. P. Tradition v. Rationalism: Voegelin, Oakeshott, Hayek, and Others by Lee Trepanier and Eugene Callahan (eds.). 46:3 (2020): 31-37.
Grosso, Andrew. Covenant and Community: Our Role as the Image of God by Doug P. Baker. 36:1 (2009-2010): 74-74.
Grosso, Andrew. The Extended Self: Architecture, Memes, and Minds by Chris Abel. 43:2 (July 2017): 62-64.
Grosso, Andrew. The Language Animal: the Full Shape of the Human Linguistic Capacity by Charles Taylor. 43:3 (2017): 54-59.
Grosso, Andrew. Loving to Know: Introducing Covenant Epistemology by Esther Lightcap Meek. 38:3 (2011-2012): 67-69.
Gulick, Barbara J. Candlelight: Illuminating the Art of Spriitual Direction by Susan B. Phillips. 38:1 (2010-11): 53-54.
Gulick, Barbara J. The Perfect Wrong Note: Learning to Trust Your Musical Self by William Westney. 31:1 (2004-05): 44-45.
Gulick, Walter. The Absent Body by Drew Leder. 18:2 (1991-92): 43-45.
Gulick, Walter. Alone in the World? Human Uniqueness in Science and Theology by J. Wentzel Van Huyssteen. 33:1 (2006-07): 36-37.
Gulick, Walter. Arthur Koestler: The Homeless Mind by David Cesarani. 29:2 (2002-2003): 50-55.
Gulick, Walter. A Different Universe: Reinventing Physics from the Bottom Down by Robert B. Laughlin. 32:3 (2005-06): 60-61.
Gulick, Walter. The Ethics of Authenticity by Charles Taylor. 19:1 (1992-93): 39-40.
Gulick, Walter. Exile and Social Thought: Hungarian Intellectuals in Germany and Austria. 1919-1933 by Lee Congdon. 23:2 (1996-97): 44-46.
Gulick, Walter. Humans and the Earth: Toward a Personal Ecology by David W. Rutledge. 24:2 (1997-98): 40-43.
Gulick, Walter. Karl Polanyi: A Life on the Left by Gareth Dale. 47:1 (2021): 27-31.
Gulick, Walter. Knowing the Mystery of Life Within: Selected Writings of Isaac Penington in Their Historical and Theological Context by R. Melvin Keiser and Rosemary Moore (eds. and commentators). 33:3 (2006-07): 63-64.
Gulick, Walter. Multiple Democracies in Theory and History by Simen Andersen Øyen and Rasmus T. Slaattelid (eds.). 36:2 (2009-2010): 83-85.
Gulick, Walter. The Price of Peace: Money, Democracy, and the Life of John Maynard Keynes by Zachary D. Carter. 48:3 (2022): 39-42.
Gulick, Walter. Reconsidering Michael Polanyi's Philosophy by Stephania Ruzsits Jha. 30:2 (2003-04): 43-47.
Gulick, Walter. Rethinking Aesthetics: The Role of Body in Design by Ritu Bhatt, ed. 41:3 (2014-15): 50-54.
Gulick, Walter. The Search for Meaning by Dennis Ford. 35:1(2008-09): 50-52.
Gulick, Walter. Sick Souls, Healthy Minds: How William James Can Save Your Life by John Kaag. 48:3 (2022): 37-39.
Gulick, Walter. Susanne Langer in Focus: The Symbolic Mind by Robert Innis. 37:3 (2010-11): 69-71.
Gulick, Walter. Tacit Knowing, Truthful Knowing: The Life and Thought of Michael Polanyi, Mars Hill Audio Report, written and ed. by Andrew Witmer, produced by Ken Myers, 1999 (Information: phone:(800) 331-6407, e-mail: tapes@MarsHillAudio.org). 26:1 (1999-2000): 30.
Gulick, Walter. The View from the Center of the Universe by Joel R. Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams. 33:2 (2006-07): 66-68.
Gulick, Walter. Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation by Steven Johnson. 38:1 (2011-12): 62-64.
Gulick, Walter. The World Beyond Your Head: On Becoming an Individual in an Age of Distraction by Matthew B. Crawford. 42:4 (2015-2016): 91-94.
Haddox, Bruce. The Primacy of Persons and the Language of Culture: Essays by William H. Poteat . Ed. and Introduction by James M. Nickell & James W. Stines. 22:2 (1995-96): 39-40.
Hammond, Percy. The Ground and Grammar of Theology by Thomas F Torrance. 28:2 (2001-2002): 36-39.
Haney, Richard L. A Little Manual for Knowing by Esther Meek. 42:2 (2015-16): 70-72.
Hodgkin, Robin. Angels Fear: An Investigation Into the Nature of the Sacred by Gregory Bateson. 17:1&2 (1990-91): 48-51.
Hodgkin, Robin. Consciousness and the Play of Signs by Robert E. Innis. 22:3 (1995-96): 36-37.
Hodgkin, Robin. The Education Of Feeling by Francis Dunlop. 12:1 (1984-85): 39-41.
Hodgkin, Robin. Human Nature And Natural Knowledge: Essays Presented to Marjorie Grene on the Occasion of Her Seventy-Fifth Birthday by Alan Donagan, Anthony N. Petrovich and Michael Wedin (eds.). 15:1 (1987-88): 37-38.
Hodgkin, Robin. Social Accountability And Selfhood by John Shotter. 12:1 (1984-85): 9.
Hyatt, Robert P. Heuristic Research: Design, Methodology, and Applications by Clark Moustakas. 38:3 (2011-12): 71-74.
Jacobs, Struan. Brains/Practices/Relativism: Social Theory after Cognitive Science by Stephen Turner. 31:2 (2004-05): 49-50.
Jha, Stefania R. The Character of Consciousness by David J. Chalmers. 38:1 (2011-12): 69-71.
Keiser, R. Melvin. Bodily Reflected Modes: A Phenomenological Method For Psychology by Kenneth Shapiro. 14:1 (1986-87): 21-29.
Kelleher, William J. The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. 33:3 (2006-07): 64-65.
Kennedy, C.Ss.R. Terence. Michael Polanyi: Conoscenza scientifica e immaginazione creative by Carlo Vinti. 28:1 (2001-2002): 34-35.
Kennedy, Terence. Logic and Affirmation, Perspectives in Mathematics and Theology by John C. Puddefoot. 16:1 (1988-89): 17-29.
Knepper, Paul. Double Exile: Migrations of Jewish-Hungarian Professionals through Germany to the United States, 1919-1945 by Tibor Frank. 36:3 (2009-2010): 67-69.
LaPine, Matthew A. Biblical Knowing: A Scriptural Epistemology of Error. by Dru Johnson.40:3 (2013-14): 49-50.
Lewis, Paul. Bridging Science and Religion by Ted Peters and Gaymon Bennett (eds.). 32:1 (2005-06): 45.
Lewis, Paul. The Child’s Secret of Learning by Gerald van Koeverden. 32:3 (2005-06): 61-62.
Lewis, Paul. Christianity, Democracy, and the Radical Ordinary: Conversations between a Readical Democrat and a Christian by Stanley Hauerwas and Romand Coles. 34:2 (2007-08): 53-54.
Lewis, Paul. Covenant, Community and the Common Good by Eric Mount, Jr. 28:1 (2001-2002):33-34.
Lewis, Paul. Darwin and Intelligent Design by Francisco J. Ayala. 33:2 (2006-07): 68-69.
Lewis, Paul. Democracy and Tradition by Jeffrey Stout. 32:1 (2005-06): 45-47.
Lewis, Paul. Everyman Revived: The Common Sense of Michael Polanyi by Drusilla Scott. 23:2 (1996-97): 39-40.
Lewis, Paul. The Ethical Brain: the Science of Our Moral Dilemmas by Michael S. Gazzaniga. 36:3 (2009-2010): 66-67.
Lewis, Paul. Explorations in Ethicsed. by Philip A. Rolnick. 29-1 (2002-2003): 74.
Lewis, Paul. A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian D. McLaren. 23:2 (20066-07): 69-71.
Lewis, Paul. The Golden Rule by Jeffrey Wattles. 26:2 (1999-2000):33.
Lewis, Paul. Gut Feelngs: The Intelligence of the Unconscious by Gerd Gigerenzer. 37:3 (2010-11): 67-69.
Lewis, Paul. The Heart of Higher Education: A Call to Renewal. Transforming the University Through Collegial Conversations by Parker Palmer and Arthur Zajonc, with Megan Scribner. 38:1 (2011-12): 60-62.
Lewis, Paul. The Heart of Judgment: Practical Wisdom, Neuroscience, and Narrative.35:1 (2008-09): 52-54.
Lewis, Paul. Implicit Religion in Contemporary Society by Edward Bailey. 25:2 (1998-99): 42-43.
Lewis, Paul. Minding God: Theology and the Cognitive Sciences by Gregory R.Peterson. 32:2 (2005-06): 51-52.
Lewis, Paul. Nature, Reality and the Sacred: the Nexus of Science and Religion. by Gilkey, Langdon. 31:1 (2004-05): 42-44.
Lewis, Paul. On the Moral Nature of the Universe: Theology, Cosmology and Ethics by Nancey Murphy and George F.R. Ellis. 31:2 (2004-05): 45-47.
Lewis, Paul. Professional Ethics in Context: Institutions, Images and Empathy
Lewis, Paul. Rethinking Rights and Responsibilities: The Moral Bonds of Community by Arthur J. Dyck. 24:1 (1997-98): 39-40.
Lewis, Paul. The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion. by Jonathan Haidt. 39:2 (2012-13): 59-61.
Lewis, Paul. Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work by Matthew B. Crawford. 38:1 (2010-11): 51-53.
Lewis, Paul. Six Ways of Being Religious: A Framework for Comparative Studies of Religion by Dale Cannon. 22:3 (1995-96): 37.
Lewis, Paul. Supersizing the Mind: Embodiment, Action, and Cognitive Extension by Andy Clark. 36:2 (2009-2010): 85-86.
Lewis, Paul. Visual Art As Theology by Barbara Baumgarten. 22:1 (1995-96): 31-32.
Lewis, Paul. Whatever Happened to the Soul? Scientific and Theological Portraits of Human Nature by Warren S. Brown, Nancey Murphy and H. Newton Malony (eds.). 28:1 (2001-2002): 36-37.
Liska, Janos. Tacit Emergence: Beyond Interaction by Satinder Gill. 45:2 (2019): 51-54.
Markowski, Gregory R. Angels Fear: Toward An Epistemology of the Sacred by Gregory and Mary Catherine Bateson. 15:2 (1987-89): 26-27.
Martin, Robert K. T. F. Torrance: An Intellectual Biography by Alister E. McGrath. 28:1 (2001-2002): 37-39.
Mead, Walter. Morality and Politics in Modern Europe: The Harvard Lectures by Michael Oakeshott. 31:2 (2004-05): 47-48.
Meek, Esther. Western Culture in Gospel Context: Towards the Conversion of the West: Theological Bearings for Mission and Spirituality by David Kettle. 39:1 (2012-13): 74-76.
Mehl, Ted. Myth and Modernity: Postcritical Reflections by Milton Scarborough. 21:2 (1994-95): 32-35.
Milavec, Aaron. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn. 16:2 (1988-89): 4-20.
Moleski, Martin X. Analogical Possibilities: How Words Refer to God< by Philip Rolnick. 22:1 (1995-96): 32-34.
Moleski, Martin X. Eyes to See Wholeness: Visual Arts Informing Biblical and Theological Studies in Education and Worship Through the Church Year by Doug Adams. 23:2 (1996-97): 37-39.
Moleski, Martin X., S.J. Lessons from Aquinas: A Resolution of the Problem of Faith and Reason by Creighton Rosenthal. 40:2 (2013-14): 58-60.
Moleski, Martin X. S. J. Transcendence with the Human Body in Art: George Segal, Stephen DeStaebler, Jasper Johns, and Christo by Doug Adams. 23:2 (1996-97): 37-39.
Moodey, Dick. Bernard Lonergan's Philosophy of Religion: From Philosophy of God to Philoophy of Religious Studies by Jim Kanaris. 30:1 (2003-04): 41-42.
Moodey, Dick. Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell. 33:1 (2006-07): 37-38.
Moodey, Dick. The Secret Language of Cells: What Biological Conversations Tell Us About the Brain-Body Connection, the Future of Medicine, and Life Itself. 48:2 (2022: 52-55.
Moorman, Jere.Tacit Knowledge in Organizations by Philippe Baumard. 29-2 (2002-2003): 55.
Moorman, Jere.Voicing Creation's Praise: Towards a Theology of the Arts by Jeremy S. Begbie. 40-2 (2013-14): 57-58.
Mulherin, Chris. Science, Freedom, Democracy by Peter Hartl and Adam Tamas Tuboly, eds. 49:2 (2023): 32-34.
Mullins, Phil. Adolf Portmann: A Thinker of Self-Expressive Life by Jaroŝ Filip and Jiří Klouda, eds. 48:2 (2022): 50-51.
Mullins, Phil. Campaigning Culture and the Global Cold War: The Journals of the Congress for Freedom by Giles Scott-Smith and Charlotte Lerg eds. 49:1 (2023): 46-48.
Mullins, Phil. Creationism's Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design by Barbara Forrest and Paul R. Gross. 32:2 (2005-06): 52-53.
Mullins, Phil. De-Fragmenting Modernity: Reintegrating Knowledge with Wisdom, Belief with Truth, and Reality with Being by Paul G. Tyson. 46:2 (July 2020): 57-60.
Mullins, Phil. Dilemmas and Connections, Selected Essays by Charles Taylor. 41:1 (2014-15): 48-50.
Mullins, Phil. EasyGreek Case Studies: Soul Journeys for Inquiring Adults (Easy Greek Software) by Aaron Milavec. 21:3 (1994-95): 33-34.
Mullins, Phil. Einstein, Polanyi and the Laws of Nature by Lydia Jaeger. 38:1 (2011-2012): 64-66.
Mullins, Phil. Emotion, Reason and Tradition: Essays on the Social, Political and Economic Thought of Michael Polanyi by Struan Jacobs and R. T. Allen (eds.). 32:2 (2005-06): 53-59.
Mullins, Phil. For a New West: Essays, 1919-1958 by Karl Polanyi (Giorgio Resta and Mariavittoria Catanzariti, eds). 47:1 (2021): 31-33.
Mullins, Phil. The Grammar of Consciousness: An Exploration of Tacit Knowing by Edward Moss. 23:2 (1996-97): 40-44.
Mullins, Phil. Jakob von Uexküll: The Discovery of the Umwelt between Biosemiotics and Theoretical Biology by Carlo Brentari. 48:1 (2022): 52-53.
Mullins, Phil. Michael Polanyi. Society, Economics and Philosophy—Selected Papers. ed. and introduction by R. T. Allen.25:3 (1998-99): 33-36.
Mullins, Phil. Membranes to Molecular Machines: Active Matter and the Remaking of Life by Mathias Grove. 50 (2024): 43-45.
Mullins, Phil. The Moot Papers, Faith, Freedom and Society, 1938-1947 by Keith Clements (ed.). 36:3 (2009-2010): 69-71.
Mullins, Phil. The Other in Perception: A Phenomenological Account of Our Experience of Other Persons by Susan Bredlau. 48:3 (2022): 33-36.
Mullins, Phil. Religion, Science and Democracy: A Disputational Friendship by Lisa L. Stenmark. 40:3 (2013-14): 52-54.
Mullins, Phil. " Towards a Personal Knowledge of Economic History: Reflections on Our Intellectual Heritage from the Polanyi Brothers," American Journal of Economics and Sociology 53:1 by Lewis E. Hill and Eleanor T. von Ende. 21:3 (1994-95): 34.
Mullins, Phil. "Working Backwards: Instrumental Analysis As a Policy Discovery Procedure," Review of Political Economy 11:1 (1999): 5-18 by Matthew Forstater. 26:1 (1999-2000): 30-31.
Mullins, Phil. Untamed Hospitality: Welcoming God and Other Strangers by Elizabeth Newman. 34:1 (2009-2010): 72-74.
Newman, Elizabeth. Processive Revelation by Benjamin A. Reist. 21:2 (1994-95): 29-30.
Nikkel, David. Toward Human Flourishing: Character, Practical Wisdom, and Professional Formation by Mark L. Jones, Paul A. Lewis, and Kelly E. Reffitt, ed. 41:3 (2014-15): 50-54.
Nikkel, David. Body of Christ Incarnate for You: Conceptualizing God's Desire for the Flesh by Adam Pryor. 45:3 (2019): 63-65.
Nikkel, David. Divine Revelation and Human Practice: Responsive and Imaginative Participation by Tony Clark. 35:1 (2008-2009): 54-55.
Okapal, James M. All Things Shining: Reading Western Classics to Find Meaning in a Secular Age by Hubert Dreyfus and Sean Dorrance Kelly. 38:2 (2011-12): 94-96.
Okapal, James M. The Philosophy of Biology: An Episodic History by Marjorie Grene and David Depew. 37:2 (2010-11): 60-63.
Payne, Ed. Critical Conversations: Michael Polanyi and Christian Theology by Murray A. Rae (ed.). 39:3 (2012-13): 54-56.
Poirer, Maben. Michael Polanyi (Vor-) Denker des Liberalismus in 20. Jahrhundert. by Richard T. Allen, ed. 40:2 (2013-14) 55-57.
Pollock, Ryan. David Hume and the Problem of Other Minds by Anik Waldow. 39:1 (2012-13) 76-79.
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Puddefoot, John C. Christian Doctrine in the Light of Michael Polanyi's Theory of Personal Knowledge ( A Personalist Theology) by Joan Crewdson. 22:2 (1995-96): 40-41.
Puddefoot, John C. The Design Inference by William A. Dembski. 27:3 (2000-2001): 36-41.
Puddefoot, John C. Intelligent Design by William A. Dembski. 27:3 (2000-2001): 36-41.
Puddefoot, John C. Transformation And Convergence In The Frame Of Knowledge by T.F. Torrance. 12:1 (1984-85): 41-42.
Reibsamen, Jonathan. The Epistemic Significance of Disagreement by Jonathan Matheson. 46: 3 (2020): 28-29.
Richmond, Sheldon. Designing with the Body: Somaesthetic Interaction Design by Kristina Höök. 48:2 (2022): 46-49.
Richmond, Sheldon. Truth by Pascal Engle. 30:2 (2003-2004): 41-43.
Richmond, Sheldon. Unmasking Administrative Evil, 4th ed. by Unmasking Administrative Evil, 4th ed.. 42:2 (2015-16): 67-70.
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Yeager, Diane. The Promise of Religious Naturalism by Michael S. Hogue. 39:2 (2012-13): 61-64.

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