Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Journal

Volume XLIX             Number 1             February 2023


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Forum on Polanyi's "Rules of Rightness"

Download pages 4-13:

Rules of Rightness
Michael Polanyi

Download pages 14-20:

Notes on Polanyi's 1954 Lecture, "Rules of Rightness"
Phil Mullins

Download pages 21-26:

"Rules of Rightness" and the Evolutionary Emergence of Purpose
Walter Gulick

Download pages 27-33:

A Further Word on Likert-Scales Inspired by "Rules of Rightness"
Collin D. Barnes

Download pages 34-38:

Deciphering Humanity: What Polanyi and the Rosetta Stone Can Teach Us About Being Human
Andy Steiger


Download pages 39-45:

My Interest in Polanyi, His Links with Other Thinkers and His Problems: An Interview with Richard T. Allen.
C. P. Goodman and Richard T. Allen


Download pages 46-48:

Giles Scott-Smith and Charlotte Lerg eds. Campaigning Culture and the Global Cold War: The Journals of the Congress for Cultural Freedom
Phil Mullins


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