Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Journal

Volume XLVII             Number 3             October 2021


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News and Notes

Reflections on The Calling of Social Thought

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Recovering the Thought of Eduard Shils
Struan Jacobs

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Eduard Shils as Stranger, Social Thought as Vocation
Peter C. Blum

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The Human Face of Knowledge: A Respose to Jacobs and Blum
Stephen Turner


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The Dilemma of the Modern Mind and the Limits of Rules: Polanyi's Criticisms of Positivism (1946-1952)
Alessio Tartaro

Continued Engagememt with Gábor Bíró's The Economic Thought of Michael Polanyi

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Michael Polanyi's Social Theory and Economic Thought
Eduardo Beira

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Caught in the Crossfire: Michael Polanyi's Economic Thought Between Socialism and Liberalism
Gábor István Bíró


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