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The Polanyi Society Journal

Volume XLVII             Number 2             July 2021


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News and Notes

Focus on Polanyian Reflections on the Current State of Democracy in the U. S.

Download pages 4-6:

Michael Polanyi on Social Order
Phil Mullins

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January 6 and Its Aftermath: Moral Inversion 21st Century Style
Paul Lewis

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The Necessity of Virtue in a Free Society
Matthew D. Sandwisch

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The Educational Prerequisites of Rehabilitation
Jon Fennell

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A Polanyian Account of What Causes Incivility in Public Discourse
Dale Cannon

Download pages 16-19:

Polanyi's Telic View of Truth and Contemporary Politics
Walter B. Gulick

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Rebuilding Responsible Freedom
D. M. Yeager


Download pages 23-33:

The Roots of Tacit Knowledge: Intuitive and Personal Judgment in Polanyi's Early Writings (1939-1946)
Alessio Tartaro

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Michael Polanyi's Understanding of Field Theory
Walter B. Gulick

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Problems and Possibilities of Global Techno-Scientific Culture: An Interview With Sheldon Richmond
Phil Mullins and Sheldon Richmond

Review Essay

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Elizabeth Grosz, The Incorporeal: Ontology, Ethics, and the Limits of Materialism
Martin E. Turkis II

Book Review

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Mihály Héder and Eszter Nádasi, eds., Essays in Post-Critical Philosophy of Technology
Bruce Vojak


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