Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XXX          Number 2                 2003-2004

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News and Notes
Information on Electronic Discussion Group
Annual Meeting Minutes
2004 Polanyi Society Annual Meeting Call for Papers

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"Letters about Polanyi, Koestler, and Eva Zeisel" by Walter Gulick
Information on Polanyi Society WWW Resources

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"Tacit Knowledge/Knowing and the Problem of Articulation" by Yu Zhenhua
Submissions for Publication

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"Personal Knowledge and Human Creativity" by Percy Hammond
Notes on Contributors

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"A Disembodied Adventurer" by Richard Gelwick
Polanyi Society Membership

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Pascal Engle, Truth
Reviewed by Sheldon Richmond
Stefania Ruzsits Jha, Reconsidering Michael Polanyi’s Philosophy
Reviewed by Walter Gulick