Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XXX           Number 1                  2003-2004

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News and Notes
Information on Electronic Discussion Group
2003 Polanyi Society Annual Meeting Program

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"Polanyi on Language and the Human Way of Being Bodily Mindful in the World" by R. P. Doede
Submissions for Publication

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"Tacit Knowledge And The Work Of Ikujiro Nonaka: Adaptations of Polanyi in a Business Context" by William D. Stillwell
Polanyi Society Membership
Notes on Contributors
A Memorial Project: An Invitation to Contribute

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"On Reading Part IV of Personal Knowledge: a Finalism or a Simple Vision?" by Andy F. Sanders
Information on Polanayi Society WWW Resources

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"Theological Anthropology and Relationality: A Promising Exploration By LeRon Shults" by Paul Lewis
"Author’s Comment" by F. LeRon Shults

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Niels Henrik Gregersen (ed.), From Complexity to Life: On the Emergence of Life and Meaning
Reviewed by C. P. Goodman
Harold J. Morowitz, The Emergence of Everything: How the World Became Complex
Reviewed by C. P. Goodman
Jim Kanaris, Bernard Lonergan’s Philosophy of Religion: From Philosophy of God to Philosophy of Religious Studies
Reviewed by Dick Moodey