Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XXVI               Number 3               1999-2000

    (Completes Volume XXVI)

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News and Notes
Polanyi's Post-Critical Thought and the Rebirth of Meaning--Call for Papers
Upcoming November 2000 Polanyi Society Meeting in Nashville

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"Polanyians on Realism: an Introduction" by Andy F. Sanders, Guest Editor

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"Polanyi's Problematic'Man in Thought': the Tacit and the Real--an Exploration and a Critique" by S. R. Jha

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"Beyond Epistemology to Realms of Meaning" by Walter B. Gulick
Polanyi Society Membership

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"The Real As Meaningful" by Phil Mullins
Submissions for Publication

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"Some Aspects of Polanyi's Version of Realism" by Dale Cannon
Electronic Discussion List

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"The Trust Relationship" by John Puddefoot
Membership Renewal Drive

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"'Recalled to Life': Contact with Reality" by Esther Meek
WWW Polanyi Resources

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"'Science, Religion and Polanyi's ;Comprehensive Realism" by Andy F. Sanders
Notes on Contributors
Polanyi Society Membership Renewal Fund Drive