Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XXV               Number 3               1998-1999

    (Completes Volume XXV)

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News and Notes
Upcoming 1999 Polanyi Society Meeting in Boston

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"William T. Scott, 1916-1999" by Phil Mullins and Marty Moleski, S. J.

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"At the Wheel of the World: The Life and Times of Michael Polanyi" by William Taussig Scott

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"Polanyi's Economics" by Paul Craig Roberts and Norman Van Cott
Notes on Contributors
Submissions for Publication

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Marjorie Reeves (ed.), Christian Thinking and Social Order: Conviction Politics from the 1930s to the Present Day
Reviewed by John Flett
Michael Polanyi, Society, Economics and Philosophy--Selected Papers. Edited by R. T.Allen.
Reviewed by Phil Mullins
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Polanyi Society Membership
WWW Polanyi Resources