Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XXIII               Number 3               1996-1997

    (Completes Volume XXIII)

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News and Notes

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"Dialectic and the 'Two Forces of One Power': Reading Coleridge, Polanyi, and Bakhtin in a New key " by Elaine D. Hocks

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"Sanders' Analytic Rebuttal to Polanyi's Critics, With Some Musings on Polanyi's Idea of Truth" by Dale Cannon
Submissions for Publication

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"Criticism, Contat with Reality and Truth" by Andy F. Sanders
Polanyi Society Membership

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"Polanyi on Liberal Neutrality" by C. P. Goodman

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Gregory Baum, Karl Polanyi on Ethics and Economics
Reviewed by James Stodder
Electronic Discussion Group
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