Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XXII                Number 2               1995-1996

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News and Notes
The Polanyi Society Call for Papers

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"Obituary for Edward Shils" by Stephen Turner

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"On the Tradition of Intellectuals: Authority and Antinomianism According to Michael Polanyi" by Edward Shils

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"Polanyi, Popper and Methodology: A Reply to S. Richmond" by Andy Sanders

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"Meta-Aesthetics and Meta-Methodology: A Response to Andy Sanders' Review Essay" by Sheldon Richmond

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Sheldon Richmond, Aesthetic Criteria: Gombrich and Philosophies of Science of Popper and Polanyi
Reviewed by Barbara Baumgarten
James M. Nickell and James W. Stines (eds.), The Primacy of Persons and the Language of Culture: Essays by William H. Poteat
Reviewed by Bruce Haddox
Joan Crewdson, Christian Doctrine in the Light of Michael Polanyi's Theory of Personal Knowledge (A Personalist Theology)
Reviewed by John Puddefoot
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