Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XVIII                Number 3               1991-1992

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News and Notes
The Polanyi Society Meeting Notice

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"Faith, Form and Meaning: A Report on the UK Centenary Meeting" by Robert A. Hodgkin

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"On Deafness in the Mindís Ear: John Dewey and Michael Polanyi" by J.E. Tiles

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"The Tacit Victory and the Unfinished Agenda: Polanyi and Rhetorical Studies" by Sam Watson

Download pages 21-29 :

"Michael Polanyi and the Philosophy of Medicine" by Richard Gelwick

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"The Roots of Culture" by Robin A. Hodgkin

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"Comments . . . 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Michael Polanyi" by John C. Polanyi

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"The Value of the Inexact" by Micahel Polanyi
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