Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XVIII                Number 1               1991-1992

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News and Notes
"The Michael Polanyi Liberal Philosophical Association Centennial Commemorative Conference, August 24-26, 1991, Budapest, Hungary: A Review" by Richard Gelwick
MPLPA Conference Program Excerpts

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"“The Tacit Victory and the Unfinished Agenda”" by David Rutledge, Walter Gulick, John Apczynski, Doug Adams, James Stines

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"The Problem of Objectivity in Post-Critical Philosophy" by Philip Lewin

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"The 'Other' Postmodern Theorist: Owen Barfield's Concept of the Evolution of Consciousness" by Richard A Hocks

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Book in Review
David Holbrook ( ed.), What Is It To Be Human? New Perspectives in Philosophy
Reviewed by R. T. Allen
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