Tradition & Discovery

The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XII               Number 2            1984-1985

There are no electronic files for issues of Tradition and Discovery published before 17: 1 & 2 in the academic year 1991-1992. The material which follows is a scanned paper copy and the quality of the reproduction is relatively poor. You should be able to use Adobe Reader to zoom in on text. Immediately below is a Table of Contents for the early issue that you wish to examine. You can locate individual articles only by downloading the complete issue (link below) and scrolling through. The pagination listed in the Table of Contents is not identical to that which Adobe Reader will indicate.

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Guidelines for Submissions for Publication--2

Polanyi's Reflections on Chomsky--3

Sara Leopold

Polanyi and Jungian Psychology: A Review of Works By James Hall--16

Allen R. Dyer

Review of Beyond Empiricism: Michael Polanyi Reconsidered by Jeffrey Kane--22

H.S. Broudy

Call for Papers For American Academy of Religion Session--28

News and Notes--29

CONVIVIUM Section (British Polyanyi Periodical)

Synopsis of Everyman Revived: The Common Sense of Michael Polanyi--30

Drusilla Scott

Rorty and the Scope of Non-Justificatory Philosophy I--33

R.T. Allen

Comment on the Reith Lectures, Minds, Brains and Science by John Searle--36

Drusilla Scott

Announcement of Jere Moorman's A Humorous Dictionary of the Tacit--37

Polanyi Society Membership and Subscription Form--38

Announcement of the Polanyi Seminar in Chicago, July 29--August 3--39