Aims and Scope of Tradition & Discovery

Tradition and Discovery (hereafter TAD) is an academic journal that is independently published by the Polanyi Society. Three issues (October, February and July) have been published each year since the Fall of 1993 (Vol. 20). TAD issues include editorially reviewed solicited materials (review articles, book discussions, thematic issues, invited addresses from Society meetings, etc.) as well as blindly peer reviewed essays. In general, materials published in TAD are of interest to those concerned with the thought of Michael Polanyi and the projects of the Polanyi Society. TAD is distributed in print to Society members in the US and Canada, but an online edition is also posted in the digital archives on the Polanyi Society web site at the time each printed issue is mailed; anyone interested can download issues. Some components in the online edition (e.g., the "News and Notes" with recent bibliography, calls for papers, meeting programs, etc.) are not included in the print edition. If you wish to receive a Table of Contents e-mail (with links) for each newly posted digital issue, send an e-mail request to Phil Mullins (mullins@missouriwestern.edu), Eric Rustad (eric_m_rustad@yahoo.com), or Kyle Takaki (ktakaki@hawaii.edu).

TAD materials available in the digital archives on the Polanyi Society web site are in pdf format. Before Vol. 17 No. 1 & 2, TAD was published on an erratic schedule. The copies of material for early Polanyi Society publications (i.e., TAD and its predecessors) in the digital archives are not always good quality. Some materials in early publications may not be listed in indices. Contact Phil Mullins (mullins@missouriwestern.edu) with questions about materials published in early issues.

The Library of Congress serials numbers for TAD are ISSN 1057-1027 (print) and ISSN 2154-1566 (online). The copyright for most of the material appearing in TAD is held by the Polanyi Society; in most cases, permission to reprint materials for non-commercial educational or scholarly use can be arranged; please provide the original TAD publication information. Send questions about about use of TAD materials, submissions, or other publication matters to the current editor, Paul Lewis (lewis_pa@mercer.edu).

TAD is indexed selectively in The Philosopher's Index and Religious and Theological Abstracts and is included in the EBSCO online databases of academic and research journals.

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